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IMG_2048James Graham was awarded an IZZIE (Isadora Duncan Award) for “Outstanding Achievement in Performance as an Individual” for his 2013-2014 season!


James Graham Dance Theatre was also nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography for “Guilty Survivor”





Choreography & Performance Workshop

w/ James Graham at LINES Dance Center… Choreographic Process, and Repertory.

Live performance in Union Square April 29, 12:30pm!

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.20.22 PM


Premiering in April 2015 in the University of Calgary’s Night Dances









Graham choreographed a new work, Sanct, on three Senior dance majors at the University of Calgary, in Alberta, Canada.  This trio deals with powerful forces of mystery, queenliness, and witchcraft…imagined and real.




Dance Lovers 2015 5x7 postcard A_front…duets by real-life couples, crushes, and comrades

Saturday, February 14, 2015, 8pm, (Valentine’s Day) &

Sunday, February 15, 2015, 8pm

Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco, CA

James Graham Dance Theatre presents the 4th annual Dance Lovers show on Valentine’s Day and the day after.  The two evenings of duets will be comprised of friends, lovers, partners, twin sisters, and other San Francisco couplings.  The duets will vary in genre and style.


Duets include:

James Graham and Sebastian Grubb

Andrew Ward and Caroline Alexander

Courtney Moreno and Chris Black

Melissa and Elizabeth Castaneda

Ashley Marie (Katie Florez and Mary Kate O’Sullivan)




Michael & Roland (premiering in Dance Lovers)

Graham is currently in the rehearsal studios continuing his duet series with Sebastian Grubb.  In his second of three duets, Graham allows his choreographic and performative choices to come from looking at control and power as they reside in prisons, colonial/colonized environments and relationships, in the wilds of nature, and in aspects of sexuality…namely S&M. Think French-artistocratic-Wild-Panthers-in-a-Zoo-Men-With-Beards-Begrudgingly-and-Agressivly-having-Sex. Premiering in February 2015.

Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant

William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Grant

JGDT recently received these two competitive Grants for his newest work “Michael & Roland,” a duet with Sebastian Grubb exploring aspects of power and how we deal, play, create, and take it.

The video below is the first duet (premiered February 2014) in the 3-part series.







“Guilty Survivor”

November 22-23, 2013

Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco, CA

Let Us Compare Chronologies, an evening of new dances by Katharine Hawthorne and James Graham, draws together works marking the passing of time and measuring how past events shape our present understanding. Graham presents Guilty Survivor, a meditation on what it means to live in the aftermath of the 1980’s as a gay man in San Francisco, while also dealing with a feeling of “missing the party.” The piece promises to expand on Graham’s recent work “Dear Harvey,” which was selected for performance with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus in their June concert Harvey Milk 2013 at the Nourse Theatre. “Guilty Survivor” will include performances by Graham, Chad Dawson, Charles Slender, & Liz Tenuto.

Liz Ending Plie



Daegu International Dance Festival

September 24-27, 2013

Daegu, South Korea

Colleagues HyunJung Lee, Maree Remalia, and James Graham created “Thirtysomething” for the 15th Daegu International Dance Festival.  The work dealt with being in their thirties, identity, nationality, and their shared life experiences of living in Israel and teaching Gaga.



“Dear Harvey”

June 26-28, 2013

Nourse Theatre, San Francisco, CA

James Graham Dance Theatre was invited to premiere this new duet in collaboration with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus’ concert Harvey Milk 2013, Living the Legacy.

More about the show: