James Graham Dance Theatre


“Graham’s exquisite duet, Mouse Marrow, […] With Gaga-esque movements, the shirtless Graham and Galen Rogers delivered emotionally raw, mesmerizing and often disturbing performances in this exploration of sameness, childhood and the mystery of memory.” Leigh Donlan, Ballettothepeople.com

“Minimalism in Meta Morphic was effective — rarely can thematics be so unclear and so nebulous that they actually achieve the kind of engrossing impact that Graham’s piece did. By freeing itself from any specific goal, Meta Morphic opened up to connect with each audience member in varying, though equally dazzling, ways.” -The Daily Californian UC Berkeley Dance Project 2017

“For me, the best thing about the show was James Graham’s world-class solos. He dances from so deep in his body.”  -Paul Parish, Bay Area Reporter

“James Graham is spellbinding as usual, pulling off one of the few solos with a combination of angular robotic moves and gyrations that break in and out of fluid lines of perfection. The intensity of his movement is complimented by his deep inner presence and lightness that seems to deflect attention even as he astonishes. This quality of intensity and lightness, the mutual balance between subject and sincerity, are the most touching aspects about Touchy Subjects.” –David E. Moreno, CultureVulture

“James Graham’s Guilty Survivor is extraordinary. His work is beautifully layered and multifaceted, and at the same time raw and driven by a sense of fragility and urgency. His cast is fantastic: Graham is joined by Liz Tenuto, Chad Dawson, and Charles Slender. Each artist is powerful and I am already looking forward to seeing more work by Graham – and relishing an evening like this that generates both questions and indelible images…” -Kate Mattingly, Director of Dance Studies Working Group at UC Berkeley

“Intelligent work.”  -Joe Goode, Joe Goode Performance Group

“Dance Lovers, the most poignant [duet] to me was that of James Graham. The sweet thing about this dance is how much room they give each other to express the affections that are there, and how large the emotions become as they animate the body of Graham: his moves burst from him in flashing pulses like light from a star.”  -Paul Parish, Bay Area Reporter

“The solo work of James Graham is notable. He is a consummate dancer; his every move is a joy.”   -Joanna G. Harris, Allmagnews.com

“earthiness and ethereality co-exist convincingly.” -Rita Feliciano, SF Bay Guardian on Guilty Survivor