James Graham Dance Theatre


Ten or Eleven, 2017

Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA

This piece was created in James Graham’s Choreographic & Performance Workshop through LINES Dance Center February – April, 2017.


Homeroom, 2015

ODC Theater, San Francisco, CA

On Top of the Ground, 2016

Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA

This piece was created in James Graham’s Choreographic & Performance Workshop at LINES Dance Center February – April, 2016.

Building People, 2015

Union Square, San Francisco, CA, Bay Area National Dance Week

This piece was created in James Graham’s Choreographic & Performance Workshop at LINES Dance Center March – April, 2015.

Michael & Roland, 2015

San Francisco, California, 4th Annual Dance Lovers at Joe Goode Annex

In his second duet, from a series of three duets, James Graham allows his choreographic and performative choices to stem from looking at control and power as they reside in prisons, colonial/colonized environments and relationships, in the wilds of nature, and in aspects of sexuality…namely S&M. Think: French-artistocratic-Wild-Panthers-in-a-Zoo-Men-With-Beards

We Would Sit Together in Homeroom, 2014

San Francisco, California, 3nd Annual Dance Lovers at Joe Goode Annex

“We Would Sit Together in Homeroom” delves into platonic love between these two men, and deals with what is a healthy dynamic of play, ritual, and raw physicality between a man who loves men and a man who loves women.


Guilty Survivor, 2013

(Nominated for an IZZIE in Outstanding Choreography)

San Francisco, California, Let Us Compare Chronologies at Joe Goode Annex

This work pays homage to the gay men who died of A.I.D.S., those who stepped up to help (nurses, families, clergy, etc.), and looks at what it is to be missing an entire generation of mentors for younger men.

Preview by Andrea Pflaumer (SF Examiner)    Preview by Irene Hsiao (SF Weekly)


Go Go, Italiano, Americano, Israeliano, 2013

San Francisco, California, 2nd Annual Dance Lovers at Kunst-Stoff Arts

This duet looks at

-A relationship between two people who must rely on each other and find common ground in spite of their disparate selves

-Differing movement styles that exist in the physical training found in Tel Aviv, Israel and San Francisco, CA

-Rectifying being stuck between two places, simultaneously invested in both equally, feeling both pulled apart and fed by these two worlds.



Fraternal Sacrifice, 2011

San Francisco, California

I asked, “When two men give attention to each other, when is it healthy attention and when does it become a depletion of one’s power? How do we care for one another while taking care of ourselves?”
We explore various ways of relating, from the mundane to the sacred.


Godbody, 2011

San Francisco, California

Based on the poem “Dance of the Godbody” by James Broughton 


There We Are, 2011

San Francisco, California

This work shows aspects of a relationship that sometimes takes, sometimes gives, and sometimes doesn’t know what to do with itself.


Male Duet in J Major, 2010

Columbus, Ohio

This duet explores various relationships men have with one another.


Separate Panes (excerpt), 2010

Columbus, Ohio

This quintet was presented as an Installation/ Site-specific dance event in February 2010 in the vacant Sullivant Hall Library at the Ohio State University.

*Final section from a 1 hour piece.



Go To The Center, 2009

Judson Church, New York, New York / Columbus, Ohio

This duet was created with inspiration from William Forsythe’s Improvisation Technologies.