James Graham Dance Theatre


…duets by real-life couples, crushes and comrades



It is an annual performance event held in San Francisco around Valentine’s Day.  James Graham Dance Theatre produces and curates DANCE LOVERS.  Graham invites colleagues and friends to present duets in various styles/genres with diverse pairings (friends, lovers, family members).


DANCE LOVERS 7  (2018)

February, 8-10, 2018, 8pm

CounterPulse Theater,  80 Turk St., San Francisco


Duets by:

James Graham & Sheila Graham Price
Hannah Wasielewski & Amy Wasielewski
Jocquese Whitfield & Spider
Miriam & Andy Wolodarski Lundberg
Nol Simonse & Christy Funsch
Melecio Estrella & Andrew Jones

Colin Creveling & Naomi Hummel

Press Release Dance Lovers 7


DANCE LOVERS 6  (2017)

February, 10-12, 2017,   Joe Goode Annex

Duets by:

James Graham & Galen Rogers
Arletta Anderson & Adam Smith
Rogelio Lopez & Andrew Merrell
Anna Long & Daniel Chenoweth
Grace Towers & Ismael Acosta
Rachel Laws & Jane Selna

Dance Lovers Press Release


DANCE LOVERS 5   (2016)

February 12-14, 2016

DanceLovers_FacebookBannerJames Graham Dance Theatre curates and presents the 5th annual DANCE LOVERS Valentine’s Day Weekend at the Joe Goode Annex.

The event featured work by James Graham,

Joe Goode Annex, 401 Alabama St, San Francisco

Dance Lovers pairs real-life couples, crushes, and comrades in duets that look at their relationships in their chosen style of dance and performance…incorporating modern, parkour, ballet, improvisation, spoken word, and comedy.

This year (Feb. 2016) we have a touching intergenerational duet, a comedian and dancer-academic married couple, boyfriends (who dance for Robert Moses, DTSF, Hope Mohr), Queer Activists, and an energetic weightlifting parkour couple. James Graham (and Sebastian Grubb) will be showing an excerpt of his recent evening length duet “Homeroom.”


DANCE LOVERS 4   (2015)

Dance Lovers 2015 5x7 postcard A_frontFebruary 14-15, 2015

Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco

Duets by:

James Graham & Sebastian Grubb

Andrew Ward & Caroline Alexander

Chris Black & Courtney Moreno

Melissa & Elizabeth Castaneda

Ashley Marie (Katie Florez & Mary Kate O’Sullivan)


DANCE LOVERS 3   (2014)


February 14, 2014

Joe Goode Annex, SF

Duets by:

James Graham & Sebastian Grubb

Caroline Alexander & Andrew Ward

Lisa Wymore & Sheldon Smith

Charles Slender & Buckley White

Chad Dawson & Branden Pells

Jeremy Banon-Neches & Demetria Schioldager

Jess Curtis & Rachel Dichter


DANCE LOVERS 2   (2013)

Dance Lovers 2013

February 14, 2013

Kunst-Stoff Arts, 1 Grove St., San Francisco

Duets by:

James Graham (Kegan Marling & Isabelle Rosenstock)

Roel Seeber & Bianca Cabrera

Mica Sigourney & Maryam Rostami

Caroline Alexander & Andrew Ward (Film)

James Graham & Carson Moody (Film)



February 14, 2011

Kunst-Stoff Arts, 1 Grove St., San Francisco

Duets by:

James Graham & Jorge Rodolfo de Hoyos

Chad Dawson & Juan De La Rosa

Julie Phelps & Gabrielle Cameron

Joseph Copley & Carlos Venturo

Honey McMoney & Macklin Kowal

Caroline Alexander & Andrew Ward